Adriano Sergio

"I'm always in search of woods for my guitars, but this was different, I didn't find the woods, the woods found me.  None of it was premeditated, things happened naturally. When I found the barrels I spoke with Ulrich Teuffel and told him about the wood. He made the connection between the period of time when these woods were originally used and the enlightenment and how the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 had influenced this crucial time in history.

I realized that this wasn't just good wood for guitars but a symbol of our history and a great opportunity to share it with others; the same way each builder involved had shared their knowledge and inspired so many people, myself included.  I'm humbled to be a part of this!"

Initiator if the Project along with Uli Teuffel, Adriano is the "youngest" of the 6 guitar makers of the “Guitar Barrel Project".  Adriano has already made a mark in the guitar world with his unique designs and the quality of his work.  His instruments are made to be a beautiful extension of the musician's body, granting a more fluid channel through which expression can be manifested.  Being Portugese, he has a special connection to the history of the barrels.