Adriano Sergio, Portugal

«I am very humbled to be part of this project. Having been able to bring together this historical material and artisans I greatly admire to create something very special is tremendously rewarding. Even more so due to the deep satisfaction I find in working with the different kinds of Mahogany, all of which retain the fragrant smell of the century old wine they held. I am quite sure I’m going to save this wood only for special projects.»

Together with Ulrich Teuffel Adriano became the initiator of The Guitar Barrel Project. As the only Portugese by birth he has a special connection to the history of the barrels and is the spokesperson of the group in Portugal.

Almost born with tools in his hands Adriano’s background as musician and guitar tech as well as his life long love for art greatly enriches his approach to his work. As a guitar maker Adriano has already made a mark in the guitar world with his unique designs and the quality of his craft. His carvings are most often reflections on nature, especially the sea, and his instruments are made to be a beautiful extension of the musician‘s body, granting a more fluid channel through which expression can be manifested. Every guitar is different and an evolution of the previous, and they always strive to achieve a balanced harmony of shapes and lines to promote not only the ergonomics of the physical, but of the mind and emotion as well.