Nik Huber, Germany

«It’s an absolute privilege to be involved in such a unique project. Not only has this been an opportunity to collaborate with my friends – some of the most skilled and imaginative instrument builders in the world – but also a chance to be challenged and inspired like never before in my own guitar making. From the history behind the wood to our partnership with the Villa Oeiras winery, every element of the project has added layers of meaning. Just like the wood taken from Pombal’s wine barrels, these guitars each carry a story themselves, with roots that stretch back to the 18th century.»

One of the most respected guitar builders in Europe, Nik looks back on a long career of building first-class instruments that consistently rank among the best boutique guitars available today. He sees guitar making more as a calling than a profession, and he and his team continue to hand-craft all instruments. Carrying on a more than 100 year old family tradition, Nik’s work is solidly rooted in the traditional building techniques, his instruments display the highest levels of craftsmanship and sound qualities.