As one of the most beloved historical heritages in our home town, Oeiras, Carcavelos Wine was at the verge of extinction. Once,

the ‘Generoso’ was the flagship wine for the powerful Marquis of Pombal, the important statesman who rebuilt Lisbon after the terrible earthquake of 1755. Back in the XVIII century Pombal produced Carcavelos, rivaling with Port wine and even selling some barrels to this northern region, which was aiming to upgrade its quality.


Even Thomas Jefferson kept some bottles of Carcavelos Wine in his private cellar and king Joseph I of Portugal often used this nectar as a gift for his most exclusive guests!


Today Carcavelos Wine prevails as the only publicly held wine production of the country, after surpassing diseases, forgery and most of all huge real estate pressures. This rebirth of the most exclusive of the Portuguese fortified wines at Villa Oeiras was initiated by the City Council of Oeiras.




Carcavelos DOC has a long and prestigious history at Villa Oeiras. It is located only 20 minutes away from Lisbon, facing the Atlantic ocean where unique white varieties perform their best - and as one of the smallest DOC in the world stands proud of its character, old and new!



Please enjoy... this is a treasure to be unveiled!


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The luthiers' visit to Lisbon included a guided tour of the vinyard and the winery, where they got to cut some grapes themselves and taste some of the wonderful Carcavelos Wines.





Saturday evening Villa Oeiras invited to a presentation of their 2005 wine, which was just bottled this year. The luthiers also introduced the Guitar Barrel Project; and Rui Veloso and Miguel Araujo played the guitars the luthiers had brought with them.




Villa Oeiras got enough of the barrel wood to re-create 2 barrels, in which now Carcavelos wine is resting until it is time to bottle it.