Claudia & Claudio Pagelli

Artists, artisans - the line blurs.  The indefatigable team of Claudia (design) and Claudio (execution) Pagelli have crafted a remarkable body of work over the past decades.  Some of the most interesting instruments in the history of the guitar have come from their workshop.  You could use a thousand words to describe them...  at the end it is simple: they are unique.

"We love wine (we also live in a wine area, our best friend is a wine maker and lives in a historical building too), we love old wood, we love when wood has a history, we love the builders that are involved, we love Portugal.
After delving deeper into the history, it attracts us also how the impact of the tragedy on the whole of Europe was involved in different aspects. How one man's mind was crucial to the reconstruction of Lisbon.
Also the date when the earthquake happened… for Claudia the only important holy day... "el dia de los muertos".