Carcavelos Mahogany - wood ripe with the essence of fine wine, which has matured over hundreds of years, and is a witness to events that have shaped the world over the last centuries!



Wood is the basic working material for guitar makers. When a guitar maker discovers a very special piece of wood, it captivates him, fires his imagination and pushes him to test the limits of his craft. Great wood that has aged and matured, wood with a history, wood that has a story to tell — those are the things that spark the magic, that will resonate in the music imagined and played on the instruments carved from this special wood, the Carcavelos Mahogany.




In  September 2018 Nik Huber, Ulrich Teuffel, Michael and Tania Spalt, Adriano Sergio, Claudia and Claudio Pagelli traveled to Lisbon to see the wood for the first time. They spent a weekend touring the winery and starting to plan the Guitar Barrel Project, also meeting with representatives from the municipality and Villa Oeiras to discuss the presentation that was scheduled to happen in September 2019. And most importantly of all, to distribute the barrel wood among themselves.





The main goal was to choose from the wood a share for each luthier. It was heavy and dusty work, from uncovering wood types to choosing what wood would be appropriate for what uses.