Michael Spalt, Portugal, Austria

«In my work I have always looked for things that have a history, incorporating and repurposing discarded objects and materials and with that giving them a new life. This wood reveals its long life and history as one works through the layers; surrounded by its heavy fragrance, from the mineral deposits on top and the wine-soaked grain giving way to pristine old-growth Mahogany.»

Michael started his career as guitarbuilder in Los Angeles and later relocated to Vienna, Austria. His designs have always reflected his background in fine arts. Michael’s overall approach to the craft of guitar building is rather omnivorous, combining various artistic, technical and aesthetic approaches into his creations. Materials bearing the marks and scuffs of an authentic existence are reborn in the totality of the new story of the instrument. Participating in this project allowed him to also integrate aspects of his love of history and philosophy in his build.

With many years of experience as Michael’s partner in the business and in getting things organized for guitar makers Tania is the heart of managing the project details. Becoming part of this project has ultimately led Tania and Michael to relocate their life and workshop from Austria to Portugal.